Implementation science efforts to date have identified some promising approaches to advancing respectful maternal care (RMC) within the general domains of: addressing health system infrastructure, training and support of health workers, community engagement, and updating of policies and programs to highlight the importance of respectful care, along with a learning agenda that includes monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of implementation efforts.  Major lessons learned are the need for comprehensive strategies that involve multi-faceted and multi-level action (e.g., national to community) and that “how” an intervention is developed can be as potent as the implementation of the approach itself.

More work is needed to make available adequate implementation evidence and tools to decision-makers in low- and middle-income countries. Therefore, HEARD partners are supporting the following:

  • Generation of more evidence on implementation of promising approaches.
  • Analysis and consultation around terms and framing related to respectful, woman-centered care to shape future strategic repositioning.
  • Improved packaging of evidence and knowledge sharing to inform decision-making and implementation.
  • Informing indicator development for routine monitoring and evaluation of RMC.