APPHC is led by two global-level USAID implementation research projects – Breakthrough RESEARCH and the Health Evaluation and Applied Research Development (HEARD) – in collaboration with USAID missions and their respective country-level bilateral projects ACCESS (Madagascar) and ONSE (Malawi).  The APPHC Partnership was established in 2019 and will implement activities into 2021.   

Breakthrough RESEARCH and HEARD work collaboratively to co-manage the APPHC Partnership and leverage each project’s respective comparative strengths to achieve the objectives –including Breakthrough RESEARCH’s deep expertise in rigorous and innovative approaches to synthesizing and generating evidence to inform social and behavior change (SBC) programming and design, and HEARD’s unique expertise as a research systems integrator to facilitate the partnerships necessary to accelerate effective evidence-to-use cycles, and both projects’ significant network of subject matter and methodological expertise.

The APPHC Partnership employs an implementation science approach to advance USAID’s efforts to: leverage global-to-local partnership capacity; support national research priority development; facilitate country-led research capacity development; and anticipate knowledge management needs and opportunities.

Accessible Continuum of Care and Essential Services Sustained (ACCESS) and Organized Network of Services for Everyone (ONSE) are implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH).