Deep Dive Countries

Additional funding and technical support will be provided in three or four countries. This includes tailored technical and financial implementation assistance to overcome specific obstacles along the data-to-action continuum with robust documentation of learning along the way.  The support is collective, with much of the technical support being offered by in-country experts in consultation with members of the Together for Girls Leadership Council sub-group; HEARD facilitates the articulation of needs and the collective response. Countries are selected according to a standardized criteria, with the most important component being a request for support and/or a felt need by local actors engaged in post-Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) efforts. In each country, the problem(s) or obstacle(s) will be identified through the multi-sectoral coordination mechanisms driving VACS forward, as will any potential solutions.

Illustrative examples include: 1. Support to governments to facilitate coordination across multiple sectors; 2. Funding to address targeted programmatic gaps to implement the national action plan; 3. Piloting of new, innovative programming called for in the national action plan; 4. Building and communicating evidence to demonstrate effectiveness of new or current interventions; and 5. Convenings, workshops or learning events.

Deep Dive Country #1: Colombia

USAID’s HEARD Project is poised to provide technical and financial support to the process underway in Colombia to develop a five-year strategy to prevent and address violence against children in collaboration with the Government of Colombia and development partners, including the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. The proposed focus of HEARD support would facilitate the cross-sectoral inputs, feedback, capacity strengthening, and buy-in needed for National Action Plan (NAP) development by (i) supporting the convening of a working group to engage in preparatory activities now; (ii) supporting, with the Global Partnership, a virtual multi-stakeholder NAP workshop, which would be delivered following a co-design phase involving Government and CSO stakeholders; (iii) an ongoing stakeholder consultation process on progressively advanced inputs to the NAP (national-level);  and (iv) regional-level consultations to engage State/Department authorities.

Identification of Next Deep Dive Countries

HEARD continues to discuss with USAID DCOF what additional countries may benefit from HEARD engagement, with final consideration being given to Moldova, Cambodia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Cote d’Ivoire.