The HEARD Project Support for Country Responses to the Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) seeks to: 1. Capture Lessons Learned in the VACS process; 2. Support, test and evaluate innovative models for developing and/or adapting a government-led, multi-sectoral National Action Plan in response to VACS data; 3. Support the implementation of National Action Plans based on VACS data; 4. Support the monitoring and evaluation of National Action plans through the INSPIRE indicator framework; and 5. Support ongoing coordination, communication, and learning, including to ensure ongoing communication and coordination between national, regional and global levels. The project benefits from the support and guidance of the Together for Girls Leadership Council. A sub-group of the Leadership Council meets regularly to provide input on plans, documents and the sharing of best practice. In order to achieve our desired outputs, several activities are being completed to inform and enrich our learning. Thus far, a landscape analysis, an analysis of peer-reviewed literature, and ongoing support to ‘deep dive’ countries have offered important opportunities and lessons.

Learn more about the HEARD Project Support for Country Responses to VACS activities below: