Landscape Analysis

USAID’s Health Evaluation and Applied Research Project (HEARD) Project conducted a landscape analysis to document and harness learning from countries’ post-Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) efforts to end violence against children. This analysis documents lessons learned to make recommendations to strengthen VACS data-to-action processes.

The landscape analysis covers all 23 countries that have implemented or are implementing VACS. This includes: an overview of the processes that have been followed (or are being followed) in every country that has implemented (or is currently implementing) a VACS ( e.g., the extent of stakeholder engagement in key phases, whether data-to-action workshops have been held, how national plans of action have been developed, what other changes/improvements VACS have already generated, what sorts of coordination mechanisms have been put in place); a review of all the secondary analyses (including peer-reviewed articles) that have been done using VACS data (e.g., what countries, for what purposes, by what authors); and the status of funding for national action plans or other measures to respond to VACS results. In the future, the analysis will include inputs from key in-country VACS stakeholders via a stakeholder survey and 1-2 key informant interviews in each country.

This landscape analysis highlights the many contributions that VACS have made to date to reducing violence against children as well as point out how processes might be improved and/or national action plans might be more fully funded.