Informing Policy & Practice

Regional Commitment

Multiple engagments at the ECSA-HC Best Practices Forum and additional consultation paved the way for the 2018 ECSA-HC Health Ministers resolution on Governance and Equity-oriented Policies for Urban Health.  Read more about the consultative process and stakeholder engagement in the Partnership Approach and Results brief.

The Resolution Urges Member States to:

1. Establish or strengthen formal frameworks for multisectoral engagements to improve delivery of urban        health services.
2. Embed implementation research into urban health policy and program to inform ongoing decision                  making;
3. Mainstream health equity aspects in all sectors’ policies and plans; and
4. Strengthen urban health systems to respond to the dynamics and specific needs of urban populations.

Informing Action at the Country Level

“This an eye opener especially to us urban planners, we must begin to pay special attention to the urban poor”

Urban Planner


“We actively engage stakeholders in our research activities and involvement of different stakeholders enabled interaction of organizations working in urban informal settlements.

Involvement of policy makers from various departments enable enrichment of discussions with regards to policy and how best to synergise between the ministries in implementation for better outcomes in nutrition and health.”



The following are examples of how the assessment informed action at the country level: