Videos are examples of best practices using the SARC4P.

To support collective learning through improved documentation of SA, we introduce the Social Accountability Reporting Checklist and accompanying questionnaire to guide practitioners in their reporting of SA programs in dissemination and other public-facing materials, including case studies, blogs, project reports for donors, working papers and more. The checklist identifies key content to include in project documents and materials to facilitate decision making about use and adaptation in different settings, for different audiences and in various formats.

For example, one of the first checklist domains encourages the user to reflect on and describe how they understand and define their SA work. The checklist does not attempt to be comprehensive of all the information from a SA program or prescriptive; instead, it identifies the ‘must-have’ content that can foster reflection, tell the story, and communicate learnings with other practitioners, researchers, local stakeholders, and program funders.