Finalizing and testing recommendations for strengthening reporting of studies on social accountability

Current peer-reviewed literature provides insufficient information on the implementation of social accountability (SA) measures, compromising researchers and practitioners’ ability to build on existing studies to develop a robust body of evidence on SA. Key gaps identified in systematic and other reviews include limited attention to the theory of change, research methods, the factors thought to influence outcomes, such as context, capacity, resources, and participation.

Over the past year, a small group comprised of Victoria Boydell, consultant, Joan Kraft (USAID), and Ligia Paina (Johns Hopkins) led the adaptation of draft recommendations for strengthening reporting of studies on social accountability. Specifically, they adapted CONSORT-SPI to include items that were reported as gaps is social accountability reporting, as documented in existing publications. The draft was presented and deliberated at the Community of Practice meeting in November 2019. In 2020, the sub-group proposed the following:

Graphic 1. Scorecard example: round one and two comparative results.
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