Informing Policy & Practice

Satellite session at the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research
(Dubai 2020-2021)

On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, a panel of experts discussed the topic of social accountability in a session entitled: Accountability in Practice: Practical Application and Learnings from Implementing Accountability Programs. What Works and How?. The purpose of the session was to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss and share experience related to defining, monitoring and evaluating of social accountability (SA) interventions. Recent systematic reviews and a review of review document the dearth of adequate reporting and measurement of SA interventions and their effects. In this panel, results of the systematic review of reviews (conducted for the WHO COP 2019) and experiences from the testing of the reporting guidelines on SA were shared. In addition, the panel included a discussion about the role of measurement in understanding and promoting the institutionalization of SA interventions based on results of the country pilot studies.