Establishing Principles of Stakeholder Engagement in Global Health Implementation Science and Research


Panelists from both panels

L-R: Rachel Sturke, John Monahan, Deus Bazira, Agnes Binagwaho, Stef Bertozzi, Lisa Carty, Matthew Kavanagh, Charles Holmes, Maeve McKean, and Luis Gabriel Cuervo Amore

On June 13, 2018 HEARD together with Georgetown University, hosted a discussion at Georgetown University Law Center on the need to create an agreed-upon set of principles for stakeholder engagement in implementation science and research. The June meeting was an important part of the process, which has taken place over the last year, to articulate and understand how decisions about the priorities for implementation science research are currently made and what is needed to improve these processes to allow for better partnership.

Recognition of the need for such principles to guide an improved process initially evolved out of meetings of the HEARD Partners’ Ad Hoc Governance Committee, a diverse set of stakeholders convened to establish the Implementation Science Collaborative (ISC).  Following on from these initial conversations, the establishment of these principles has been a key discussion point during in multi fora including during the series of small group consultations on the ISC, as well as standalone conversation at a meeting convened at the Center for Global Development in February 2018.

The purpose of the meeting at Georgetown was to:

  • Consolidate our understanding of what has already been agreed to, within the international development and research communities, to ensure appropriate stakeholder engagement in priority setting and implementation research;
  • Identify critical gaps in global processes in respect to principles for stakeholder engagement; and
  • Make recommendation on how those gaps should be addressed.

Please find panelist bios and event video attached for your reference.

Panel 1

L-R: Moderator Stef Bertozzi and panelists Anne Peterson, Charles Holmes, Matt Barnhart, Deus Bazira, and Lisa Carty

How do we engage all relevant stakeholders in priority setting in implementation science and research?

  • Stefano Bertozzi (moderator), Dean and Professor of Health Policy and Management, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
  • Anne Peterson, Senior Vice President, Global Programs, Americares
  • Deus Bazira, Founding Director, Center of International Health, Education and Biosecurity, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Matt Barnhart, Senior Medical and Scientific Officer, USAID
  • Lisa Carty, Director, US Liaison Office, UNAIDS
  • Charles Holmes, Co-Director, Center for Global Health and Quality, Georgetown University Medical Center

Panel 2

image of moderator and panelists

L-R: Maeve McKean, Stef Bertozzi, Agnes Binagwaho, Luis Gabriel Cuervo Amore, Matthew Kavanagh, and Rachel Sturke

What is needed to make research more relevant and accessible so that it is used to address local, national, and global health challenges? 

  • Stefano Bertozzi (moderator), Dean and Professor of Health Policy and Management, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
  • Agnes Binagwaho, Vice Chancellor, University of Global Health Equity
  • Rachel Sturke, Deputy Director, Division of International Science Policy, Planning and Evaluation (DISPPE), NIH-Fogarty
  • Luis Gabriel Cuervo Amore, Senior Advisor, Research Promotion and Development, Health Systems and Services Department, PAHO
  • Matthew Kavanagh, Director, Global Health Policy and Governance Initiative, Georgetown University Law Center, O’Neil Institute