Urban Health

A young boy stands in a flooded street in the Darou Salam district of Dakar, Senegal. Fighting cholera and other diseases during the annual rainy season, USAID provided support to health services in affected regions of Senegal. Thousands of Senegalese were forced from their homes and sought temporary shelter.

© 2005 Richard Nyberg, Courtesy of Photoshare

Everyday over 100,000 people move to urban areas. By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population will reside in cities. Most cities and governments are unprepared for this rapid demographic shift, which has led to greater health disparities between urban and rural populations, and left children and adolescents most vulnerable to urban health inequities. Understanding the policies and programs required to address the urgent and long-term health needs of these populations is one of the most critical priorities of current development work.

In collaboration with partners, the Implementation Science Collaborative will explore critical issues and priority interventions for children and adolescents of the urban poor. Our initial work will focus on water and sanitation as well as nutrition needs, recognizing that social, economic, and health systems challenges require attention. The nutrition work will address the double burden of malnutrition (both over- and under-nutrition). It has been noted that poor health outcomes are driven by multi-sectoral forces—violence and injuries, gender norms and standards, lack of access to education—and, therefore, our approaches will not be limited to working within the health sector.


The HEARD Project participated in the 14th International Conference on Urban Health in Coimbra, Portugal from 26-29 September 2017. See below for conference resources:

  • Conference theme: Health Equity: The New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) see website
  • Videos from conference can be found on YouTube
  • Implementation Science for Global Health (ISforGH) Newsletter on ICUH

We look forward to participating in the 15th International Conference on Urban Health, which is scheduled for 26-30 November 2018 in Kampala, Uganda!