Implementation Science Collaboration for Urban Health in East Africa

HEARD composes fit-for-purpose ‘implementation science collaborations’ made up of strategic sub-sets of partners positioned to undertake evidence generation and translation activities. For example, the broad area of child nutrition in poor urban settings of East Africa emerged as a priority from the consultative process involving a number of global and regional stakeholder groups at various convenings such as: a Roundtable Consultation hosted by the East, Central and Southern African Health Community (ECSAHC), the International Conference on Urban Health 2017 and 2018, a Regional Partner Workshop hosted by UNICEF, and the ECSAHC Best Practices Forum 2018.

The Implementation Science Collaboration on Urban Health in East Africa was established to implement a three country assessment (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) to assess nutrition and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) systems and services targeting children and adolescents in poor urban areas. Beyond the assessment, the Collaboration is primed to identify and address additional priorities in this area. Recognizing urban health as an emerging priority, ECSA Health Minister’s Conference in 2018 passed a resolution on Governance and Equity-oriented Policies for Urban Health.

Participating Partners