Global Health Innovations and Security

A nurse examines a patient's medication chart at the National Institute of Diseases of Chest and Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

© 2014 Probal Rashid, Courtesy of Photoshare

The challenges of identifying, developing, introducing, and scaling global health solutions—whether they are medical devices, drugs, diagnostics, vaccines or consumer products—are innumerable, but almost always require a collaborative and multi-sector engagement. The aim of global health innovations and security thematic area is to advance cutting-edge thinking and implementation of innovative products, practices, and policies. It recognizes that critical need to advance the Global Health Security Agenda—which works to build capacity to address infectious disease threats—but may also include broader areas such as refugee and migrant health.

The Implementation Science Collaborative’s work in this area could include involvement in clinical trials, the testing of new technologies, the testing and scale-up of new medicines or combination therapies, or providing other critical inputs into the research-to-use pathway. Given the multi-sectoral nature of this work, we foresee that opportunities for collaboration will arise among the health, security, environment, and agriculture sectors.