Our Work

The purpose of the Health Evaluation and Applied Research Development (HEARD) Project is to undertake research efforts to accelerate progress towards achieving USAID’s global health and development goals, including Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Death, achieving an AIDS Free Generation, and Protecting Communities from Infectious Diseases Initiatives including the Global Health Security Agenda. The HEARD Project focuses on evaluative and targeted research that accelerates research‐to‐use processes and carries out two types of research activities: 1) Multidisciplinary applied and implementation research and related activities that accelerate the research‐to‐use process focusing on targeted questions, barriers, and bottlenecks related to high priority interventions, technologies, policies and products that show promise or are ready for scale‐up; and 2) Evaluative research and post‐marketing surveillance of pilot programs and at‐scale tools, technologies, interventions, and policies around the main causes of maternal, child and neonatal deaths and morbidity.

We focus our efforts across seven thematic areas, including: