Quality, Equity and Dignity Network

In December 2017 the QED Network convened a workshop in Tanzania entitled “From Roadmaps into Implementation: Operationalizing Quality Improvement Activities in Network Countries.”

Spotlight: Critical Reflections on ICUH 2017

“Moving forward we need to prioritize youth and mental health. We’ve seen here at ICUH that youth are a global priority, and the future of the world is the youth in low and middle-income countries (LMICs).”

Spotlight: Urban Health Policy in Uganda

“Working in an urban setting calls for creativity and innovation. Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) as an urban health provider employs innovativeness and creativity to ensure health system strengthening. It is important to stay open-minded as urban settings are...

If “Cities can save us,” then what are we waiting for?

“We have a unique opportunity with the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda aligning at the same time and our charge is to bring together the urbanist and the health professionals” said Jo Ivey Boufford, former President of the New York Academy of Medicine.