Development and Evaluation of the Nurturing Families Programme in Jordan

Lead Implementation Partner: TBD
Lead Research Partner: War Child Holland
Study Setting: Jordan

Study Overview:

The study has a central family intervention component, beginning with assessment with the entire family, whereby their challenges and needs are identified jointly. This includes communication and setting common goals as a family, with some basic parenting strategies introduced to all families. Based on the results, other components of the intervention will be identified. In case of impairing distress of a caregiver, their mental health and alcohol and drug use will be assessed. In case of problematic parenting strategies, we will offer more intensive parenting support. In case of financial distress within a family, there will be referral for services such as financial coping and poverty reduction. If there is violence identified between caregivers, a referral would be made for intimate partner violence. The intervention will be targeted and non-specialist for families experiencing multiple and complex stressors and forms of distress.


Phase 1 (Apr-Dec 2020) consists of a qualitative case-formulation approach with 10 families with poor family functioning & 10 families with high family functioning. There will be focus groups, key informant interviews, and participatory workshops, leading to the development of a theory of change in addition to the user-centred co-creation and/or systematic cultural adaptation of intervention materials and measurement tools. Phase 2 (Mar-Jun 2021) will include 10 families, including qualitative and quantitative assessments. Phase 3 (Aug 2021- Aug 2022) will consist of a feasibility study, using mixed methods longitudinal pilot RCT. There will be qualitative interview and qualitative assessments to explore measure properties, indications of effectiveness, and potential mechanisms of change. Phase 4 will focus on disseminating research publications, practice recommendations, and methodological recommendations for mixed methods research on effectiveness evaluation processes in interventions for and with conflict-affected families.