Journey of Life Psychosocial Support Intervention for Conflict-Affected Populations in Uganda

Lead Implementation Partner: TPO Uganda
Lead Research Partner: Washington University in St. Louis
Other Partners: Columbia University
Study Setting: Kiryandongo, Uganda

Study Overview:

Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Uganda and Washington University in St. Louis are investigating the effectiveness and implementation of the Journey of Life (JoL) program in Kiryandongo, Uganda. JoL addresses the ecologies of children and adolescents by working with caregivers, educators and community members to understand the importance of their support in the protection of children. JoL focuses on addressing key preventive and curative measures for mental health and psychosocial outcomes, including improving coping skills, meaning-making, social functioning, and social capital. Previous findings have shown that JoL led to improvements in children’s access to community-based childcare centers, reduction in violence against children, reduction in child labor, and adoption of child protective practices. JoL has been implemented in various African settings; however, it has never been formally assessed in a humanitarian context. The aim of this work is to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of the JoL intervention with a conflict-affected population living in Kiryandongo, Uganda. This research will help to establish an evidence base for psychosocial programming and community-based child protection mechanisms in humanitarian settings, especially in a context of limited, sustainable resources.