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Global Regions

Successes to Date

Responsive USAID Mechanism

The HEARD Project has proven to be a responsive mechanism which has received funds from 11 USAID offices and six missions.

Network of Networks

The HEARD Partnership is a “network of networks” consisting of a growing set of thematic area collaborations advancing priorities in the areas of urban health, respectful maternal care, post-partum hemorrhage, social accountability, violence against children/child safeguarding, mental health and psychosocial support, and assistive technologies. Specific results within each of these thematic areas are outlined below. Read more in Our Work.

Activities & Products

Achievements reflective of the Project’s performance indicators include successful completion of five evaluations, 21 ongoing or completed and 10 prospective research studies (across thematic areas, varying in design and scope), and a variety of knowledge products and recommendations to enhance policy and program implementation.

Catalyst for Action

Implementation science partnership activities catalyzed action by:

1. Informing ministerial resolutions regarding urban health and respectful maternal care in East Africa
2. Pioneering innovative mentorship models for post-partum hemorrhage care
3. Guiding future US Government investments through country-based evaluation findings in Guinea and Jordan
4. Modifying essential drug list in Madagascar through partner-engaged research
5. Influencing the uptake of respectful maternal care in East Africa through evidence-based advocacy

Where We Work

HEARD is a global project working in six regions around the world: Southeast Asia (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia), East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Madagascar, Nigeria, Rwanda), West Africa (Guinea, Burkina Faso, Namibia), the Middle East (Jordan), South America (Colombia, Ecuador), and Central America (Panama). Use the interactive map below for a complete overview and zoom in to see highlighted countries for additional information.