Take our Respectful Maternal Care Survey

We invite colleagues to participate in a brief crowdsourcing survey to share your valuable insights and experiences as a global leader and contributor to the field of Respectful Maternal Care (RMC). UCSF and HEARD are crowdsourcing information on respectful maternal care approaches used in Africa.

For results and resources visit https://www.respectfulcareresources.com;
for more info visit the RMC Landscape Analysis page.

Welcome to the Health Evaluation and Applied Research Development (HEARD) Website!

The site now features our overall approach, resources from across our
seven thematic areas, and opportunities for engagement.

The purpose of the HEARD Project is to leverage a global partnership to generate, synthesize, and use evidence to improve policy and program implementation in low and middle-income countries.

Our four key strategies are:

Partnership and agenda development

Research and evaluation study design and implementation
Data liberation and evidence strengthening

Acceleration of evidence-to-use processes